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 From: Steve Davis, August 17, 2016

I've had a persistent electrical problem (Alt 2 annunciator light) in my G1  SR22 that San Diego folks were unable to resolve.

Steve trouble-shot the issue, found the problem, and got it corrected. I think it was a fairly complicated problem to solve ( aren't all electrical problems?), but he explained it concisely and so far so good.

 We split our time betwixt here and San Diego but are planning to spend all but a couple of winter months here. Why am I telling u this?  Because I was so impressed with Steve that your service center is now my new go-to place. Anyway, kudos to him.


Steve Davis


 From: Scott & Kathleen Morse, September 5, 2014


...So, with a son and his family in Bend, OR and the airfield there not moribund like most anymore, I called ahead, to Steve Hansen, maintenance manager at Professional Air, as they had been great with install of a quality LED taxi light and a couple minor items, last trip. I advised we would be there over the Labor Day weekend, could he look at it?  Sure, and if you get here early enough on Friday, we can at least start to look, then maybe do something Tuesday. We got there about 4pm, and they pulled it right into the hangar for a Tuesday morning lookover.

On Tuesday, what Steve and Co found was that the timing was well off on both mags, points both a tad pitted, so they were replaced, starter good, impulse coupling strong, plugs looked fine, compression fine, they suspected the fuel settings would be good. As they also have avionics folk, they put the ADF back in as it had taken to working out, did the #^*%@ Millenium FAA Investment cast cylinder 50 hour check, and as always it was fine.  Wish someone would have the guts to say how many engines and cylinders have actually had problems. Steve was surprised they were not on your list (Cessna Service Directory), unlike the 5 that are in Oregon and may call you.  After 46 years of flying, I may not know much, but, after looking at the financial and managerial guts of some 10,000 businesses, and maybe a half dozen banks, I tend to have a feeling about who knows what they are doing. YOU would be one. Feeling that way last March, and on an earlier driving trip when I scouted out the airport, my feeling is now stronger than ever, Professional Air is a great place to do business, <other guys redacted> ain't, for SE prop folk for sure, and I kinda wonder who makes up the list and why...probably things I don't want to know.

On the way home the engine ran better than it ever has, in 14 years...

While hijacking so far seems limited to planes and ships, and frowned upon, if I could hijack Professional Air, the entire operation, FBO, fuelers, flight instructors, the works, and bring back to Grand Junction, I would. Same of course for Yingling but who can afford them, or justify their costs.

Scott Morse, N8AJ, Grand Junction, CO


 From: Bob Mills, Wednesday August 10, 2011


Thank you for the log copies of the three entries. Please pass on to your management my thank you for allowing me to speak today with your excellent and honest A&P, Steve. He was frank regarding his experience with Mooneys, the particular aircraft's recent history, how he came to annual and repair it and his inspection findings. He was clear and concise and gave me the feeling of being willing to discuss any item about the inspection ad nauseum, if that's what I needed, in the best example of customer service I can remember in quite a while.

My initial impression of him is that he is the kind of person I'd keep as a friend and trust with my airplane and my life, especially if I was in a Skylane, but he'd do in a pinch for my eventual Mooney.

Steve is awesome!

Robert Mills, 4321 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA 95864




From Jerome Heldt on 07-Aug-2010



I had a maintenance issue with my Skyhawk which Harland quickly and courteously resolved. Thanks a lot!


From R. Scott Yarish, Wednesday August 19, 2009

Ryan, just put it on my credit card. I've already told the folks at Sunriver I thought you were very generous with your time and services and that the bill was very fair. I also reminded them that Oregon wasn't Texas and that not all people were out to screw them. Bottom line, put it on the card and I appreciate everyone at Pro Air getting me off the ground. My best to Richard, Mike, and anyone else who participated in this.





From Mike White on 11-Aug-2009



Inbound for BDN on Aug. 3 with my wife, I lost intercom & TX over RDM. Landing at BDN, I went directly to Professional Air where they treated me quite courteously & professionally & gave us bottles of cold water. Their maintenance staff quickly zeroed in on the PTT switch or mic wiring but then referred me to the avionics shop on the field, Leading Edge Aviation. I was pleased that they knew & readily admitted their limits. Leading Edge found a compound problem, a short in the mic jack wiring and an intermittent problem with my headset mic. This malfunction was a repeat of one a few weeks ago, where I paid another shop over $400 to check out but not find the problem because they had prematurely zeroed in on the No 1 radio. I highly recommend Professional & Leading Edge. We spend an unplanned overnight in Bend, but no problem, we're retired and on no fixed schedule!


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From: Karen Guthrie Cessna Aircraft Co. December 10, 2008

"...I just wanted to say Thank You to you and everyone who works with you, to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us at Cessna. I cannot think of any other FBO I enjoy working with as much as Professional Air. I want to wish you and your family a very "Happy Holidays." I will look forward to working with you again in 2009.

Thank you again for all that you do."


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