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Avionics Sales and Service

The avionics and electronics in an aircraft are the pilot's critical points of connection to the plane and provide the sensory input for safe and successful flight. We are fortunate at Professional Air to have one of the most experienced and highly regarded technicians heading up our Avionics Department - Steve Hazen. Steve is a dual threat in that he has the background and experience on the avionics side, combined with his A&P and IA licenses and years of experience on the airframe and power-plant side. If you have questions about the operation of your equipment, would like help in understanding how to make it perform better, or would like to consider options to improve your aircraft panel, call Steve at 541-388-0019.


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We are a genuine authorized Garmin dealer!  Check out the Serious Savings available on the Ultimate Upgrades now available for your airplane.  There's never been a better time to overhaul your avionics!

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Visit us and our Avionics Department at Professional Air, KBDN, Bend Oregon




What would you like to see on your panel?

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Pick your panel! We can change the way you see flying, no matter what you fly. Call us for advice.




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