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ADS-B Winter Sale Details!


Professional Air is running a SALE on ADS-B equipment this winter! You can equip your aircraft with a fully compliant ADS-B transmitter AND a portable unit that receives TIS-B and FIS-B (free traffic and weather from other aircraft and FAA ground stations) and will display it all on a yoke mounted iPad.


  • Installed out the door cost: $3995
  • FAA approved compliant installation.
  • Includes a FreeFlight FDL-978-TXL and a Garmin GDL39
  • Includes a GPS antenna on top of fuselage and small blade antenna mounted on belly.
  • Allows you to receive free traffic and weather on your portable iPad.

 For $3995 we will install a FreeFlight FDL-978-TXL which is an FAA compliant ADS-B out transmitter that satisfies the FAA 2020 ADS-B mandate. We will couple this to a Garmin GDL39 ADS-B receiver that connects to your iPad over Bluetooth to display all ADS-B traffic and weather on Garmin’s free pilot app.

The FreeFlight box is STC’d for all piston aircraft and mounts to the aircraft structure. Two antennas and a control are installed with this box. First, a GPS antenna is installed on the top of the aircraft, usually above the cabin. Second, an antenna is mounted to the belly to transmit your position to ATC and other aircraft. This antenna looks just like your current transponder antenna. A control will be mounted on the instrument panel. During normal flight, there is no need to ever touch the control, the system is completely automatic. The control is there just to turn it off if requested by ATC, to display status of the unit, and for maintenance. The control can be placed in any extra round instrument hole or anywhere on the panel that has similar space. We’ll work with you on the best location.

 The Garmin GDL39 is considered a portable device. As such it does not require FAA approval to be placed on top of the glareshield. It is secure and will not move with turbulence. It has a very low profile so it doesn't obstruct your view. The glareshield is a great place for it to receive both the GPS signal it needs, and incoming traffic and weather data. We will connect it to aircraft power and secure its cable out of sight, no need to mess with cables or batteries (yay!!). Although the unit is considered portable, there is no reason you can't simply leave it there all the time.

 If you don’t have an iPad, you can purchase an older generation unit on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $200 that will work splendidly. It’s best to attach your iPad to a yoke mount, which we can provide. Also, if you buy or bring us an iPad 12v charger we’ll connect it to aircraft power all neat and secure at no extra charge. Plan to have your iPad with you during the installation so we can make sure it is set up just right.

 Come visit Bend for a day or two and be done with ADS-B equipage - enjoy the free benefits of added situational awareness.

 For more details on ADS-B in general, visit our ADS-B FAQ page.

 Want us to give you a call to answer your questions or schedule your install? Contact Us.  


Happy Flying!






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