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On-Demand Private Air Charter

Professional Air teams up with Business Air to provide on-demand charter flights connecting the Bend Airport to virtually any other destination in the continental United States. Their versatile and comfortable 7-9 seat King Air 250 is based in Bend. Consider booking a flight for your next business or leisure trip and experience greater convenience and time-savings—plus, first-class service. Here’s more information about their private air charter. Or, you can email (charterbfi@business-air.com) or call Business Air directly (541-323-5494) for a quote.

For all charter options, call Professional Air at 541-388-0019


400 over mountains small.JPG Single-Engine Charter Services

If your charter needs are quick and short-notice, we can help. Professional Air's all-glass Cirrus SR20 is ready and waiting to take you to any destination in the greater Northwest, in comfort and style.  This three passenger luxury single-engine aircraft flies at 145 knots and can get you to Portland in less than an hour.  Our Cirrus N513PA has the state-of-the-art aircraft parachute system, making it one of the safest single-engine aircraft in the world.  And, it's affordable!

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