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Instruction Pricing

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Our flight training cost estimates are based on Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 141/61 minimum flight time requirements, but we also provide you with realistic average estimates for each rating.  Actual hours do vary based on individual student progress and aptitude.

The following pages provide more specific information regarding the estimated flight hours and costs associated with each rating.  Dual Instruction includes cost of flight instructor at $45 (private) or $50 (advanced) per hour. Prices are subject to change. Occasionally a fuel surcharge may become necessary, depending on fuel prices.

For Commercial Pilot Course: Additional solo time may be needed to meet FAR 141/61 total pilot time requirements of 250 hours.

 Aircraft Fleet Rates

Rates are per hour, no taxes and no hidden fees.  Rates guaranteed through June, 2012!

      Aircraft                    Tail Number          Retail Rental Rate        Club Rental Rate

2000 Cessna 172SP           N326ME                    $154.00                          $144.00

1981 Cessna 172RG           N6290V                     $174.00                          $164.00

2008 Cirrus SR20               N513PA                     $185.00                          $175.00

2002 Piper PA-44               N5331Y                      $295.00                          $285.00


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 Instruction Rates

  • Flight & Ground Instruction - Primary                                               $45.00 / hour
  • Flight & Ground Instruction - Advanced, BFRs, IPCs, Owner Aircraft   $50.00 / hour
  • Club Program Annual Fee ($10 off hourly rental, 15 cents off              $200.00 / year                                                  retail fuel, and 10% off all pilot supplies)                       

 Aircraft Rentals

We are much more than just a flight school. We rent our aircraft for use to pilots with valid credentials who pass a proficiency flight with a company CFI. Once you have acheived your Private Pilot Certificate, you can use our aircraft to go somewhere fun! It is not uncommon for a student at Professional Air to go on to aircraft owner, to CFI, to corporate professional pilot, or even airline pilot! We are here to give you the training and the tools it takes, and to support you from beginning to end.

Heat on N326ME 159l.jpg Heating up the 172 for an early morning flight.


DA20 INTERIOR 159.jpg Seating is now available!


DA20 Passenger View 159.jpg The view from those seats is fantastic.



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