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Commercial Pilot

Professional Air's comprehensive commercial pilot curriculum provides you with the skills, experience, and training to demonstrate mastery of all maneuvers required during your FAA flight test. Our cost estimates are based on the student having 220 accrued flight hours or 170 flight hours and 50 applicable hours in the simulator at the start of Commercial training. The student will receive over 30 hours of complex training time:

Commercial Pilot Course Package Cost is $8,547:N513PA in front of Blue small.jpg

  • 20 Hours Dual Instruction Cessna 172RG ($4,480)
  • 10 Hours of Solo ($1,740)
  • 20 Hours of Ground Instruction ($1000)
  • 2 Hours of Solo for FAA Checkride ($348)
  • Cessna Commercial Pilot Kit ($329)
  • Books and supplies ($100)
  • FAA Written Exam with CATS ($150)
  • Examiner's Fee for Commercial Flight Test ($400)




  1. Dual Instruction includes cost of Flight Instructor at $50.00 per hour.
  2. Price assumes all requirements of FAR 61.129 (a) (1& 2) have been met or completed.
  3. Ground School is an essential part of the flight training program. Cessna's DVD-based training system allows you to work at your own pace throughout your flight training (optional).
  4. Pro Air Club students receive $10/hour discount on all flight time (approx savings of $300 for average-time student).
  5. Prices subject to change.
  6. Time Building: to accumulate required hours to begin commercial training at less cost, simulator time, or C172 time is available.