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Multi-Engine Pilot

Professional Air's comprehensive multi-engine pilot curriculum provides you with the skills, experience, and training to demonstrate mastery of all maneuvers required during your FAA flight test.  

Multi-Engine Rating Package ($6,560):Hogan on Seminole small.jpg

  • 15 Hours Dual Instruction in our Piper Seminole ($5,175)
  • 10 Hours Ground Instruction ($500)
  • 1.3 Hours Solo for FAA Checkride ($385)
  • Books and Supplies ($100)
  • FAA Examiner's Fee for Flight Test ($400)



  1. Dual Instruction includes cost of Flight Instructor at $50.00 per hour.
  2. Price assumes all requirements of FAR 61.129 (a) have been met or completed.
  3. Ground School is an essential part of the flight training program. Cessna's DVD-based training system allows you to work at your own pace throughout your flight training.
  4. Pro Air Club students receive $10/hour discount on all flight time (approx savings of $150 for average-time student).
  5. Prices subject to change.