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In cooperation with COCC, we are able to offer an on-site Precision Flight Controls ("PFC") P.C.A.T.D. CAT-IV Flight Simulator.  Used by universities, flight schools, and airlines worldwide, this advanced technology simulator is designed specifically for instrument, multi-engine, and flight crew training.

With its state-of-the-art flight simulation and real-time computer graphics, the PFC CAT-IV P.C.A.T.D. simulator is approved by the FAA for Part 61 and 141 training.  Features include:

  • M.F.D. (Modular Flight Deck) designSim Room people 200.jpg
  • Dual Controls and PFC Professional Consoles
  • Two 18" Flat LCD Screens
  • Dual Instrumentation, Full Size Panels
  • Twin Engine Quadrant and Instrumentation
  • Dual Rudder Controls
  • Digital Avionics Packages
  • Over 20 different single and twin-engine aircraft
  • Instructor's computer control panel


To schedule time in the PFC CAT-IV Flight Simulator, contact us at (800) 261-0019 or (541) 388-0019 or just stop by for a test flight.


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End of another great day at Professional Air!

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After graduating from Professional Air, fly your own Cessna to Australia!






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