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Customer Comments

From M Downer on 11-Nov-2014

  Amazing FBO thanks to the always helpful Jocelyn! This morning was another great experience getting me in the air quickly. I always look forward to visiting Bend thanks to them!
From Pat Ellis on 11-Nov-2014

  Vacationed in Central Oregon first few weeks of October. VERY surprised at the great self-serve fuel prices and facilities! Professional Air also helped me out with free overnight loaner vehicle a few years back with a loaner vehicle. NICE PLACE, VERY NICE FOLKS!!! My wife and I will definitely be back...

From Marlon Young on 11-Jul-2014

  Nice airport and FBO and Jocelyn were GREAT. She was very helpful in arrange a car, and made our long weekend visit for the 4th of July work. Look forward to returning soon.
From Jean Starr on 09-May-2014

  Great FBO. Josslynn was the greatest!
From Bruce Williams on 04-Apr-2014

  Excellent service, as always at Professional Air. Note, however, that the restaurant above Professional Air in the terminal building closed on March 31, 2014. No word on if it will reopen.
From Matt Uhry on 25-Dec-2013

  Great FBO - very helpful with Hotels and some morning de-icing. Bend is a nice airport near a nice town... Thinking of excuses to go there again.
From Gordon Bunting on 20-Nov-2013

  Great FBO. Very helpful for everything I've needed over the years.
From John Hayes on 14-Sep-2013

  I'm based at Bend so I may be a bit biased; but Professional Air is my favorite FBO anywhere! The prices are great, the facilities are wonderful, and the people are the best. There is a restaurant upstairs, great mechanics if you need help, and a Mercedes airport loaner car. Drop all of this into the spectacular scenery of central Oregon and this is as good as it gets in the Pacific Northwest. Don't miss it!
From Erick Teeters on 06-Dec-2012

  What a great stop in the B200. The entire staff was courteous and professional. Can't wait for our next trip to Bend.
From Chris Saulit on 26-Aug-2012

  A wonderfully impressive facility. They were very helpful on the Unicom when we were having trouble finding parking (it was pretty full that day). Decided to go full-serve and have the plane refueled while we grabbed a bite to eat at the cafe upstairs. A great stopover that we plan to make a destination someday.
From Mark Smith on 26-Aug-2012

  Great FBO. Rental car and hotel at last minute and fast fueling. Clean and very nice!
From Carl L. Hopkins on 11-Aug-2012

  Spent the night 8/10/12. Left my O2 tank for refill at $25. Very good. Ready when I got there next day. Plane topped off. Excellent service. Will be back.
From Inger Fahmi on 22-Jul-2012

  If only all FBOs were this good! My wife and I have spent three weekends over the past few years with Professional Air (most recently this past weekend, 7-20-12), and we've always been impressed by the friendly and helpful staff, the very reasonable fuel prices, and the immaculate facility that looks to be designed for Gulfstream crews, but is equally welcoming to piston single drivers. There's a cafe upstairs (open till 3 pm), tiedown fees are waived if you buy fuel, and everyone is as friendly as can be. Kudos to Professional Air; they really set a gold standard.
From Sam Spencer on 14-Jul-2012

  Great FBO! The facilities were very modern and clean, and Amy was really helpful. I hope to make it back to Bend in the near future. It's definitely worth the stop to stretch your legs and relax in their facility!
From Norm Rainey on 19-Feb-2012

  Very nice facility...Restaurant upstairs has changed ownership last Nov and put out an excellent breakfast while overlooking the landscape from the second story facility.
From Thom Donaldson on 28-Oct-2011

  Had to divert to Bend after running out of O2 near Shasta. The staff of Professional Air is truly professional. After buying fuel and O2, I received a hangar discount and a courtesy car to drive to the hotel, which came at a nice discount (I recommend the Phoenix Inn wholeheartedly). First-class FBO with excellent service and very friendly personnel. Highly recommended.
From Todd Miller on 18-Sep-2011

  Very helpful and first class service.
From Bill Peyton on 18-Aug-2011

  This is the second time we have flown into Bend for our vacation. The FBO is first class, with rental cars from Hertz $50/day. The fuel is reasonable and parking is secure. Lots of glider activity and GA activity on the ramp. The airport is 10 minutes from downtown.


From Shaun VanBergen on 17-Aug-2010



I rented ProAir's SR-20 and Hired Russ as a CFII to check me out in the plane. The SR-20 was as clean as ever and my 4-hour flight went flawless. As usual Amy and the crew at ProAir were outstanding. See ya next year

From Jerome Heldt on 07-Aug-2010



I had a maintenance issue with my Skyhawk which Harland quickly and courteously resolved. Thanks a lot!

From John Keller on 27-Jul-2010



Returned to Bend with the PC-12 for the Cycling Classic. Great friendly and competent service from all FBO personnel; line and staff! No doubt we will return about the same time next year? Each time I am here, it seems there are new improvements, everywhere! Had a great time speaking with everyone and covering the changes that have occurred since I first started flying here in 1998. Keep up the great work! Hard to believe that two Great-Uncles homesteaded at Millican in 1907 and worked six days a week at the mill? Times have changed!

From Craig Groff on 26-Jun-2010



Flew in on 6/6/10. This is a definite place you want to stop and stay! Pro Air is awesome! Amy (Amy you rock!) got us a great rate at the Oxford Hotel, right downtown Bend! Definitely will be back sometime and will use Pro Air! Oh yea, self-serve fuel price was right in line as well as hangar cost! Thanks!

From M Houston on 26-Apr-2010



Flew to Bend to see family and utilized Professional Air for my overnight. Amy and the rest of the staff were fantastic. Line person was at the plane immediately after shutdown to provide any help with the plane, passengers, baggage, etc. I called ahead the next morning and they were delighted to fuel the plane and clean the windscreen so I didn't have to deal with it and my passengers and the preflight, etc. Everything was ready to go when I arrived at the airport. Overnight tiedown fee was waived as I purchased fuel. Fuel and fees are very reasonable. Staff was extremely friendly and "professional". Thanks for an awesome experience!!

From Richard Kelly on 27-Nov-2009



Awesome service and support. And great fuel prices. Thanks!

From Harry Pacynski on 09-Sep-2009



Great people will do all they can to help you out here. We arrived after hours on a holiday, and they still found a way to get me transportation into town.

From Carl L. Hopkins on 03-Sep-2009



August 15/16 2009. Spent the night with some friends. Excellent service. The 99's race was in town so they were temporarily out of tie downs. They put me in front of the FBO and later moved me when the racers all left. Good fuel service. Very friendly staff. Nice office.

From Gary And Alice Nelson on 20-Aug-2009



We use Professional Air frequently and have found them excellent. They offer free Wi-Fi. It is very high speed, which makes it a good place to update flight databases. They also have a pilot special at the Brasada Inn that is a super place to stay, but is outside of town by about 10 miles. Service center has worked on our Skylane. Excellent work.

From Mike White on 11-Aug-2009



Inbound for BDN on Aug. 3 with my wife, I lost intercom & TX over RDM. Landing at BDN, I went directly to Professional Air where they treated me quite courteously & professionally & gave us bottles of cold water. Their maintenance staff quickly zeroed in on the PTT switch or mic wiring but then referred me to the avionics shop on the field, Leading Edge Aviation. I was pleased that they knew & readily admitted their limits. Leading Edge found a compound problem, a short in the mic jack wiring and an intermittent problem with my headset mic. This malfunction was a repeat of one a few weeks ago, where I paid another shop over $400 to check out but not find the problem because they had prematurely zeroed in on the No 1 radio. I highly recommend Professional & Leading Edge. We spend an unplanned overnight in Bend, but no problem, we're retired and on no fixed schedule!

From John Keller on 27-Jul-2009



July 23-26 PC-12 trip to Bend for Cycling Classic. Excellent service at this courteous and caring FBO. All personnel exhibited high degree of "customer service" upon arrival and departure. I started using this airport in May 1998 and there have been many great changes over the years.

From Rick Polinsky on 12-Jul-2009



We stopped overnight at Bend on the way to visit family in Portland and were treated to some of the best FBO service we have ever received...Especially with only a ten gallon fuel purchase because of weight and balance restrictions! Tara arranged for a delightful room at one of the local hotels on the river that provided shuttle transportation, Gabe made us feel most welcome, and the operation truly is "Professional." I highly recommend Professional Air not just as a fuel stop, but if you have time, it was an excellent town for a quick vacation with great food and scenery, plus shopping for my wife in the Mill District! Thank you again for making us feel most welcome.

From Brian Woodruff on 07-Apr-2009



I flew into Bend with my kids and was offered the crew car for the afternoon to visit the High Desert Museum. The staff is incredibly courteous and helpful - the best I've experienced in the region.

From Peter Kurri on 05-Feb-2009



I earned my Private Pilot License between 07-30-08 and 08-27-08 (29 days) with the help of my instructors Hogan McDonald and Nate Wantland.

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June 29, 2009

Amy, Professional Air 63132 Powell Butte Road Bend, OR 97701

"Dear Amy:

It is not often that I feel compelled to write to acknowledge a really great experience with an FBO. This is one of those times.

My wife and I recently completed a trip to Missoula with a stop over in Bend. From my first telephone call to my last fuel stop on the way home to California, the experience was just wonderful. We really appreciated the great recommendation to stop at Brasada Ranch, the kind use of your courtesy car, friendly assistance from Tara, and great young man on the line. It was also very nice to have a decent lunch at the cafe on our way home while the plane was refueled.

I will definitely go out of my way to make a stop at Professional Air when I am in the area.


Greg Swaffer, President

Summit Engineering Inc, Santa Rosa CA


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