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World's Best FBO Team

Amy Czemerys: Office Manager

Amy Czemerys

Amy has worked for Professional Air for over 9 years and is our Office Manager. Everything that happens at the Bend Airport pretty much goes through Amy! Her warm smile and sense of humor makes our FBO a fun and special place to visit. Amy loves the fact that the aviation industry is very dynamic - no two days are alike, unless we are having freezing ice fog (we don't even like to talk about that stuff!). She loves to recommend great restaurants and places to visit to our out-of-town guests. Come visit Amy and experience the best customer service in the business.

Jocelyn Hoen: Customer Service Representative

Jocelyn Hoen

Jocelyn came to Professional Air in 2013 with rave reviews from the accounting world where she worked for almost 30 years. With a background in the helicopter business in Alaska, she has traveled to more places than we can list. She's a very caring person who loves gardening and her motorcycle. And doing anything with her daughters that involves the outdoors - skiing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, or just hanging. She has fit right in with our family of employees, dealing easily with the stress that multi-tasking at our front counter requires. Welcome Jocelyn!

Dana James: Customer Service Representative

Dana James

Dana chose Professional Air for her flight training before coming to work with us in the spring of 2015. She loves travel and adventure, leading her to a career in aviation, which starts here with us!
When she's not working in the FBO taking care of our regulars and visitors, she is training hard for her instrument rating. She tries to hit the trails or the slopes whenever she can fit it in. Give Dana a call today to see how she can accommodate your aviation / travel needs!

Rudy: FBO Guard Dog


Rudy is an uncommonly intelligent security dog who patrols the halls of the FBO on a regular basis. That is, when he is not basking in the sun at the doorway, or curled up in his basket. Make no mistake - Rudy can sense when a visitor is about to drop a piece of popcorn (he has the skills to handle that problem), or is friendly enough to offer a free scratch, a doggie treat, or a seat on a lap. Check in with Rudy the next time you visit Professional Air, and know that he will be watching you!