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LAV & TKS Services 002 500.jpgLavatory Service

Any time you need servicing, our friendly and professional line staff are here to help.










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De-Ice or Anti-Ice

Thorough de-icing can be done in one of Professional Air's several heated hangars.  If you have not requested overnight hangar service from us, you may unexpectedly find that Central Oregon's weather has deposited an unwanted layer of snow and ice on your aircraft.  Typically about two hours in a hangar will take care of this issue.  If anti-ice application of TKS fluid is necessary before your departure, our professional line staff is ready and able to handle the task.


Fuel Trucks 159.jpg Fuel trucks and luggage cart await your arrival

MX Hangar Open 159.jpg Our maintenance department door is always open for a quick look at any issueFalcon50 &  B-17G 159.jpg Old or new, you will find plenty of room on our ramp!





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